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We repair iPhone, iTouch, Blackberry's and other Smartphones.

Need help with your Smart Phone?  Give us a call!


We can set up your smart phone to access your e-mail, contacts, and synchronize your calendar with your computer!

Most Smartphones today synchronize with our computer’s productivity applications.  We can set up everything to synchronize so that your information is always accurate and up to date.

Don't have a Smartphone, and would like advice as to which one and what cellular carrier will get you what you need for the most affordable price?  We can help you with that too!


We also offer training with iPhone, iPad, Microsoft Mobile, Blackberry & Android Operating Systems.

Smartphones have become a necessity for keeping up with daily productivity, whether you are a business person, student, or a soccer mom.  Smartphones keep you organized with appointments, reminders, e-mail, SMS texting and internet access. We can set up your smartphone and train you to use it. Download a majority of free applications that can help you with anything from setting a sales appointment to finding the nearest Starbuck’s because you are craving a cup of coffee.

Want to just have some fun with it?  We can teach you how to download free games and applications, make custom ring tones, set up wireless synchronization between all of your Apple products, and teach you how to set up and use the latest social applications such as Facebook and Twitter.

Tired of your friends asking you why you don’t play “Word with Friends” with them?  Let us help you set it up so you can challenge them to a game!


Along with terrific devices come the ugly…  They are not invincible.  It is very common for a Smartphone user’s screen to crack. Among the small list of things that can go wrong with a Smartphone – the cracked screen is the most common problem.  MEG Teknologies can repair a cracked screen, as well as most other common problems with an iPhone, iTouch, iPad, most Blackberry devices and most Android & Windows devices.