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Is your computer running very slow? A tune-up and more RAM memory will have it running like new!


Whether you are having performance issues with your computer, or you heard about the latest graphics card or CPU and have got to have it...give us a call.  We can get it for you, and install it into your computer.

RAM Memory
Upgrades drastically increase performance

Most often, computers we visit do not have an adequate amount of RAM memory to run all of the programs our clients want and need.  While it may seem that your only choice is to purchase a new computer, you do have another more cost effective option.  In most cases , depending on your computer model, the cost to add more RAM memory is under $100.00, and adding this additional memory will double, and in most cases - even triple your computers performance.

Hard Disk Drive Upgrades or Additions

Very often, we find that the main hard disk drive in a computer has been filled, causing performance issues as well as problems with adding new data.  Today, between high definition pictures, music, and video files - a computer requires an adequate amount of storage.  Give us a call - we can help you to either replace your existing drive with a faster, larger capacity one - or add an additional hard disk drive to work with your existing one to increase storage space.  Which option is right for you?  Give us a call...we'll tell you your options, and we can decide together!

Central Processing Unit (CPU) Upgrades

Most m
otherboards (the main circuit board in your computer) today are compatible with more than just the CPU it came with.  Once we analyze your hardware we can determine if updating the CPU to a faster one could be an option for you.

Graphics Cards

Depending on the applications you run, upgrading to a faster graphics cards could be beneficial to performance.  Also, today - newer graphics cards come with the ability to run in high definition video.  With the right graphics card - you can display your computer screen on your television!


Proper hardware maintenance is essential for the long life of your computer, laptop or server.  These PC's require proper cleaning, tune-up, and lubrication.  How often?  It depends on the unit itself and how it is being used.  Give us a call to discuss...