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Latest viruse news from Symantec.

The most common cause of a slow computer, slow internet, pop-ups or lock-ups are Spyware, Malware and viruses.  So often people go out and replace their computers with brand new, "faster" computers only to find that a couple of months and several hundreds of dollars later, their new computer is running as badly or worse than the one they replaced.

It frustrates us here at MEG Teknologies that people spend their money unnecessarily. A quick call to us and we can come clean up your computer - and provide you with training using FREE utilities to keep your computer as healthy as possible.

Below we list the most recent viruses reported by Symantec.  Give us a call to discuss how we can help you keep your computer virtually virus free.

Check back here regularly for the latest information about the newest viruses!

As of Sunday February 3, 2013:

Name: Type: Threat Level: First Discovered:

W32/Wabot!2F6E2EAB22ED Virus     Low       2/3/2013

BackDoor-EJG!7CB11210D6C1 Trojan  Low       2/3/2013

W32/Wabot!C9E0FBA11720 Virus     Low       2/3/2013

W32/Sality.dr!63E8368BB071 Virus     Low       2/3/2013

W32/Wabot!DFDE98FEBB7C Virus     Low       2/3/2013

W32/Wabot!A0F50F351297 Virus     Low       2/3/2013

MEG Teknologies, located in Huntington NY services all of Long Island and parts of Queens.  Contact us today to learn about how we can help you clean and prevent viruses from attacking your computer and your networks.  We make on-site visits and give free evaluations and estimates.

We have implemented site-wide virus protection to companies of all sizes, as well as helped people maintain their home computers and keep them healthy.  Most of us do not realize how easy it is to get a virus, even when we have virus protecting software installed.  NO virus protection software is completely bullet-proof.  We can teach you how to detect viruses on your computer even before it shows any signs of failure.  Once detected, we can show you how to clean those viruses before they cause catastrophic damage.

The best way to protect yourself against viruses is to take measures to prevent them.