Huntington Long Island Computer Repair Technicians
PC, Network & Web Site Specialists
Expert Computer Service - Wherever You Need It!

Microsoft, Novell networks. Data cabling. Network repair. We do it all!

From a small network of 2 computers, to larger networks of 20 + computers, servers & printers, we will design and implement the perfect infrastructure to fit your needs.

File & Print servers, e-mail servers, web servers...we build them all!

eed data and/or telephone cabling ran throughouOur technicians are certified CompTIA, Microsoft, and Novell network engineers.t your office or home?  Our team of professionals can do the job!  We hide all the wiring.  When we are finished - you will never know we were there.

Wireless network implementation and configuration is one of our specialties.  We will set up your wireless network with the strongest of encryption to always keep your network safe and your data secure.

We take pride in our work.  Proper wire management is essential to us.  When we are through, your wiring closet and patch panel will look picture perfect! 

Having a nice and tidy server room with a properly organized cable system is something that IT people need to be conscious of.  Re-organizing hundreds of tangled network cables is not what we would call a pleasing task, but unfortunately, it has to be done. Not only will doing so make troubleshooting network problems easier, but it makes you appear more professional in front of your bosses or clients.

Proper network documentation is an essential part of any infrastructure, no matter what the size.  Our technicians document and label every port on your patch panel, and throughout your office or home.  When our job is complete, we will hand you a booklet referencing your entire network from point A to point B.

Call us in to organize, and document your existing network!

Network wire management can be a messy task.The proper network cable management and documentation can ensure network stability.