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Data back up and restoration services.

Data security is the single most important aspect of keeping your company data, or personal information safe and secure.  Unfortunately these days, most people do not consider a good backup strategy until their computer fails, and it is too late.

While MEG Teknologies offers data restoration services, it is never guaranteed 100%.  Although the chances of getting your important data back is very good, sometimes it is gone for good.


Common reasons for data loss:

  • Viruses - If they are not cleaned as soon as possible, most viruses can corrupt files on your hard drive, or corrupt your operating system to a point where it will no longer run.
  • Accidental deletion - So very often we receive calls from clients telling us that they accidentally deleted files that they wanted or needed.  This mostly occurs when a persons computer starts to run very slow.  Most people assume that if they delete files or uninstall unnecessary applications, it will increase the speed.  Doing this will NOT help performance, but could greatly affect the stability of the computer - as well as lose critical files for good.
  • Hardware Failure - A computer is made up of electronic components.  And like all electronic components, they either work - or they don't.  The hard disk drive stores all of your data.  The Windows Operating System runs off of your hard drive.  Your pictures, documents, e-mail, videos, and applications are all at the mercy of the hard disk drive.  When it fails - you can lose everything.
Depending on the size of your environment, MEG Teknologies offers several different backup methods.  For a home user, a simple "thumb drive", or a low cost external backup drive may be sufficient depending on the amount of important data they wish to secure.  For business environments, we can set up your current server, or "main computer" to backup all computers in your office.  Or, if necessary, we can implement a dedicated backup server to get the job done!

Data Security

Ever heard the term "hacker", or "hacking" or hear someone say "I've been hacked!"?  This is a very common concern today.  Between the implementation of wireless devices, and using remote access both in the home and in the work place - more and more computers and servers are vulnerable and can be infiltrated.

Using a firewall, a good anti-virus program, data encryption, strong passwords, routers with built-in security software, and a VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a step in the right direction.  But - it doesn't stop there!  Give us a call.  We would be happy to discuss this further.

MEG Teknologies takes security very seriously.  We are knowledgeable in all the latest technology that will help keep you as safe and secure as possible.