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Computer harware and software training. Certified instructors.

MEG Teknologies offers training to either end-user, or to businesses and corporations who have a staff of people in need of help.  We will come to your home and sit with you one-on-one...or we will come to your office and train any size group!

Here is a list of the most requested products we are called upon to teach:

                    • Computer Hardware
                            ◦ Assemble a computer
                            ◦ Troubleshoot basic computer hardware
                            ◦ Upgrade RAM memory in a computer or laptop

                    • Operating System Software
                            ◦ Windows XP
                            ◦ Windows Vista
                            ◦ Windows 7

                    • Microsoft Office Suite
                            ◦ Microsoft Word
                            ◦ Microsoft Excel
                            ◦ Microsoft Outlook
                            ◦ Microsoft Access
                            ◦ Microsoft Publisher

                    • Smart Phone Usage:
                            ◦ iPhone
                            ◦ Blackberry
                            ◦ Android OS
                            ◦ Windows Mobile

Our biggest request these days is - "Can you just come and sit with me and teach me how to use this computer?"

YES...we CAN!  We will come sit with you and answer all of your questions, address your problems, and help you feel more comfortable with your own computer!  We will teach you how to set up your desktop and applications to your liking, teach you how to use the internet, check your e-mail, and print recipes if you wish!

Corporate Training:

Allow us to come to your office and traing a group of your staff, or sit with an employee in need of help with a project.  We specialize in QuickBooks support, Goldmine, Timberline, Altapoint, and other front office type applications.

Microsoft Outlook and Novell GroupWise are the two leading e-mail applications in business today.  We can teach you the ins-and-outs of both platforms.

Our trainers are cross-certified and ready to help you learn, grow, and help your business run more efficiently and creatively!

Give us a call today...let's discuss your needs...