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Learn to build your own computer. We teach you everything you want to know.

Assembling a computer may seem overwhelming, but with the proper tools and the right instruction - it is very fun!

At MEG Teknologies, we love technology.  Allow us to help you build your "dream computer".  We will teach you about all the different components, what each of their functions are, how they work, and how to make them come together!
Assemble your own computer with our help! It is fun!
We will help you one-on-one - or get a group of friends and family together!  Your choice!

One very powerful bit of knowledge you will gain from building your own computer is this - if you choose - YOU will be able to perform all future upgrades by yourself!  And, troubleshooting should be a breeze.  You will know your computer inside and out - LITERALLY!

We can get you the parts you need and bring them to you...or you can purchase the parts independently, then give us a call.

If you need help or advice about which parts to purchase - we will be glad to discuss your wants and needs with you.

Give us a call today!  Lets get building!